The University of Parma, in Italy, promotes knowledge creation, transfer and progress to meet the increasing demand of advanced education and research in our society.

It enrols about 30,000 students and graduates more than 5,000 alumni per year, while staffing about 1,800 lecturers and administrative employees. The research units involved in the project, led by the Human Nutrition Unit, belong to the Department of Food and Drugs and the Department of Mathematical, Physical and Computer Sciences.

The Human Nutrition Unit gathers researchers approaching human nutrition from many different points of view, ranging from molecular nutrition to nutrition education, from innovation in the measurement of food intake to the edge of personalised nutrition.

The common aim of the group is to generate new nutritional knowledge that will be then translated into practice, ideally improving the quality of life of the whole population.

Main role in the project

UNIPR is mainly contributing to the project creating and developing educational contents and an educational app aimed at helping parents to prepare balanced meals during the day for their children to guarantee the consumption of a varied and balanced Mediterranean diet.

In particular, UNIPR is leading Task 3.2 “The APP for children’s Med-based dietary plan” and Task 3.5 “Preparation of educational hands-on material for adolescents and families”.

In addition, UNIPR actively contributes to Task: 1.2 “General understanding and assessment of food drivers, dietary habits, and lifestyle among Med population”, 1.3 “Co-creation and validation with families with children and adolescents”, 3.1 “The AI-based APP for a personalized Med-based diet”, 3.3 “The educational game”, 3.4 “The integrated SWITCHtoHEALTHY App”, 4.1 “Design of the intervention study”, 5.1 “Impact on diet quality and health”, 5.3 “Environmental impact”, 5.4 “Understanding behavioural changes”, 6.2 “Policy Guidelines, Permanent Observatory and large-scale dissemination”.

Contact Person

 Francesca Scazzina (Associate Professor in Human Nutrition)

 Alice Rosi (Assistant Professor in Human Nutrition)


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