University Mohammed Premier is a group of institutions in the Oriental region of Morocco, located mainly in Oujda. Created in 1978. The mission of the Oujda Faculty of Sciences, which is affiliated with the Mohamed Premier University, is to establish and promote high-level education, adequate professional training, and advanced scientific research in a variety of fields, including biology, chemistry, Food sciences and Agriculture.

Our team is affiliated to the Laboratory for Agricultural Productions Improvement, Biotechnology and Environment. We are particularly interested in the following topics: Food sciences, agricultural production and urban forestry, plant physiology, and biotechnology. Biodiversity, Plant Genetic Resources.

Our laboratory is equipped with several physico-chemical analysis equipments such as High Performance Liquid Chormatography, Gas chromatography coupled with mass spectrometry, Nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy, scanning electron microscope, Ultraviolet–visible spectroscopy and other equipment for food analysis.

Main role in the project

UMP team will help identify Mediterranean plant-based food ingredients that are high in bioactive components, have the potential to improve health, are essential to recipes, and are prevalent in Mediterranean culture.

Our team will mainly contribute to the WP 2 specially Task 2.1, Task 2.2, Task 2.3 As a first step stage of the New Products Development Processs in the task 2.1, we will contribute to the creation of an eco-design process to ensure efficient development of plant-based snacks that are healthy, sustainable, nutritious, and affordable. Additionally, UMP will participate in WP6 and WP7’s Dissemination and Management activities alongside the other partners.

Contact Person

Pr. Mohamed Addi (Associate Professor)


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