As part of the celebrations of Turkish Cuisine Week in Izmir, the project SWITCHtoHEALTHY was presented by the partner KTB to the large audience participating in the opening event, that took place on May 22nd at the Izmir Art Factory, focusing on the promotion of healthy eating habits and traditional culinary practices.

Highlighting the significance of Izmir cuisine within the Mediterranean culinary landscape, the Provincial Culture and Tourism Director, Murat Kara├žanta, delivered a speech emphasizing the importance of the SWITCHtoHEALTHY project’s efforts in promoting healthy eating habits, while preserving the heritage of Turkish food.

One of the highlights of the event was the presentation of the Historical Port City Kemeralt─▒ Gastronomy Selluka Award, that was conferred to five enterprises, recognizing their contributions to local gastronomy.

The event witnessed a turnout of 250 individuals, comprising representatives from various chambers of commerce, non-governmental organizations, public institutions, and schools.

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