REGIONE CAMPANIA (RC) is the governing body of one of the biggest and most active regions in Italy for food production.

The Directorate General for Agricultural, Food and Forestry Policies of RC is the managing authority of the EARDF Regional Programme “Psr Campania” and it implements actions for the protection/promotion of regional agricultural productions.

The Directorate General for Agricultural, Food and Forestry Policies is also responsible for the Food Education and Consumer Orientation Programme, addressed to families, schools, educators and agri-food companies. The Programme main goals are to underline the importance of the rural world and to promote healthy eating habits, consistent with the principles of the Mediterranean Diet, through meetings, seminars, workshops, guided tastings, thematic competitions, visits to regional Educational Farms.

Main role in the project

RC coordinates WP6 (Creation of enabling environment) and leads tasks: Task 6.1 Communication and awareness campaign, Task 6.2 Policy Guidelines, Permanent Observatory and large-scale dissemination. In addition, RC participates in Task 3.5, Task 5.4, as well as Task 6.4, Task 7.1, Task 7.2, and Task 7.3 along with the other project partners.

Contact Person

Flora Della Valle (Manager of the office Valorisation, protection and traceability of the agricultural products)


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