Kocahan Confectionery (KOC) is an artisan SME established in 2020. Into the machine park, besides the machines capable of producing all kinds of sweets, deserts, fruit puree, bars, and confectionery, chocolate coating, bar forming, and packaging machines have been added.

In the factory, fruit, and nut snacks, consisting of fruits such as chestnuts and figs, and various nuts are produced intensively. The growing business potential has reached the stage of cooperation with a holding company currently operating in Bursa.

Main role in the project

KOC is mainly involved in the development of innovative, healthy, and sustainable plant-based snacks (WP2), participating in Task 2.1, Task 2.2, and Task 2.3 and leading Subtask 2.3.2.

Moreover, KOC will have a role in Task 1.1, Task 4.1, and Task 4.2. Additionally, KOC will participate in Task 6.1, Task 6.3, and Task 6.4, besides being part of Task 7.1, Task 7.2, and Task 7.3.

Contact Person

 Gokhan KOCA (Manager РResponsible from the project at KOC)



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