KTB carries out the works delegated by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the Republic of Turkey on behalf of the Ministry in İzmir Province.

KTB carries out the following activities through its divisions: Enterprises Division: collection of statistical data related to accommodation and food and beverage facilities, Travel Agencies, Sea tourism businesses, and sportive activities for tourism purposes.

Promotion Division: promotional activities (Hospitalities, guided tours, meetings, panels, events etc.); Participation in domestic and international expositions; Promotional publication preparation, printing, and distribution. Research & Education Division: cultural events of local governments, associations, and foundations; Turkish decorative arts and traditional handicraft courses; Educational activities; Tourist Guides inspections.

Main role in the project

KTB as tourism governmental authority will echo the project activities and results in Task 6.1, Task 6.2, Task 6.4, besides being part of Task 7.1, Task 7.2, and Task 7.3 and contributing to Task 5.4.

Contact Person

 Murat Karaçanta

 Ali Enis Özdemir



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