Delafruit is a global food organisation located in Tarragona in Spain since 2007, specialising in the development and co-manufacture of purees, smoothies and juices in pouch, bottle and cup formats, for private label brands and distributors.

Delafruit’s product portfolio includes a vast range of recipes and raw materials like fruits and vegetables, cereals, dairy, pasta, meat and fish and other high value ingredientes such as proteins, fibres, vitaminas and minerals.

Delafruit works with its clients in the manufacture of their private label products by actively participating in the entire value chain of the finished product – sourcing raw materials, design, packaging, production and logistics. Delafruit has the most advanced food processing technologies which allow to offer the highest quality service and products.

The company is very active participating in national and international R&D calls, focused on product development, nutrition and health, industrial processes and sustainability.

Main role in the project

Delafruit is mainly involved in the development of innovative, healthy, and sustainable plant-based new food products adapted to children nutritional profile and to be consumed in-between times following an eco-design methodology developed in the project (WP2).

Delafruit will participate in the identification of Mediterranean plant-based food ingredients which are rich in bioactive components, that could make important contributions to health, and which play important role in recipes and in Mediterranean culture (Task 1.1 and 1.3).

Moreover, Delafruit participates in the design and implementation of a multicentric and multi-social family-based nutritional intervention across families in Spain with the new products developed (Task 4.1 and 4.2) Besides, Delafruit will contribute, along with the rest of the partners, in Dissemination and Management tasks envisaged in WP6 and WP7, respectively.

Contact Person

 Dra. Ana Rodríguez García (R&D Department)


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