The Department of Climate Action, Food and Rural Agenda (DACC) is part of the Regional government of Catalonia. The Department implements the agriculture, food and climate policies in our territory. The main areas in which it works are these ones: Agriculture and Livestock; Fisheries and Marine Affairs; Rural Development; Food, quality and Agro-industry; Forestry and Environmental Management; Climate and Energy; Residues management.

In the Agri-food Companies, Quality and Gastronomy General Direction is located our Deputy direction of Agro-Food Industries and Quality in which these areas are covered: management of the Agri-Food Industries and Commercialization; promotion of the Agri-food Quality Schemes (PGI, PDO, TSG, short circuit food chains, etc.); the control of certain Agri-food market regulatory measures; implementation of the Catalan Food Strategy.

Our deputy direction also manages the European School fruit and Vegetables and milk Scheme, with the aim of developing healthy eating habits in children

Main role in the project

The DACC participates in these actions:

In the Communication area of the project also contributes to the Technical and Scientific Coordination, the Legal and financial coordination and in the Management of the generated knowledge.

Contact Person

 Anna Castellvi (Responsible of Technical Assistance)


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