CREDA is a research foundation supported by two institutions: Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC) and the Institute for Food and Agricultural Research and Technology (IRTA). CREDA-UPC-IRTA was born out of the need for formalizing a public Catalan research and development body in the agro-food sector, unifying and strengthening R&D capabilities and making these capabilities available to government as well as public and private sectors.

CREDA has evolved into a dynamic and powerful centre comprised of a diverse and talented team of researchers, consultants, and technicians with backgrounds spanning economics, agricultural and forestry engineering, sociology, and environmental science. It is already well on its way to achieving one of the original goals of its inception – to become a reference center for ago-food economics and rural development both in Catalonia and internationally.

Main research area at CREDA includes: 1) Study of consumer preferences and consumer behaviour towards agricultural-based products 2) Competitiveness of Mediterranean agriculture and livestock sector 3) Sustainability of food systems and value chain

Main role in the project

CREDA will lead WP5, related to Monitoring and understanding behavioural changes after intervention designed in WP4. Specifically, within this WP, CREDA will be in charge of analysing the Economic Impact (Task 5.2), the environmental impact (Task 5.3) as well as the impact on behavioural change (task 5.4).

CREDA will also lead household data collection to monitor the impact of interventions to increase the adherence to the Mediterranean diet.

CREDA will also collaborate in the qualitative research conducted in WP1 (Task 1.3) as well as in the other WPs to coordinate the collection of information needed for WP5.

Finally, CREDA will lead the Innovation Committee in task 7.2, which is responsible of undertaking the necessary activities in order to ensure the management of the Intellectual Property IP generated.

Contact Person

 José M. Gil (Director and Senior researcher)


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