The National Centre for Food Technology and Safety (CNTA), is a Spanish private non-profit making association set up in 1981, as an initiative of the agrifood sector. The aim of this technological centre is to transform the future of food and to contribute to the development and innovation of the food sector, offering technical support to improve their quality and competitiveness. CNTA acts as a key provider for knowledge, innovation and R&D&I services projects related to food safety and quality and development of innovative food products, for more than 950 industries (over 390 of which are members). In addition, CNTA provides continuous technological service to companies in the sector throughout Spain. CNTA staff includes over 177 scientists and technologists. Research scientists at CNTA are actively involved in numerous national and international networks.

Main role in the project

CNTA will lead WP2 on the Eco-design methodology development, also leading Task 2.1 and Task 2.2, related to food prototypes development at different scales, following the proposed approach in the eco-design guide. Moreover, CNTA will participate in WP1 with the identification of Mediterranean plant-based food ingredients, associated with our history and culinary practices. Besides, CNTA will contribute, along with the rest of the partners, in Dissemination and Management tasks envisaged in WP6 and WP7, respectively

Contact Person

 Eva Petri Ortega (R&D&I Researcher – Responsible of the project at CNTA)

 Leyre Urtasun (R&D&I Scientific-Technical Manager)


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