The CNESTEN is a public research organization in nuclear science and technology, providing services for socio-economic operators and providing technical support to public authorities in the field of nuclear and radiological safety and security. Internationally, and particularly in our region of Africa, CNESTEN continues to play an active role in sharing its know-how through training, expertise and laboratory analysis services. CNESTEN is thus recognized by the African Nuclear Cooperation Agreement (AFRA) as a designated regional centre in four areas, namely radiological safety, isotopic hydrology, human nutrition and non-destructive controls in industrial settings. The CNESTEN is also recognized by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) as a collaborating centre in water resources management and a regional distance training centre around its research reactor.

Main role in the project

CNESTEN will mainly contribute to WP 1 especially Task 1.2. Jointly, we will be participating in WP3 (development of digital tools) and especially, Task 3.1 and task 3.2 and wp4, Task 4.1; task 4.2 and Task 4.3 (data collection) Additionally, CNESTEN will participate in WP6 (Dissemination and communication) and in WP7’s activities ( coordination and management) alongside with the other partners of the project.

Contact Person

 Dr. Asmaa EL HAMDOUCHI (Researcher)


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