Chocorica SARL (CHOCO) is a manufacturer and distributor of cacao, fruit snacks, bakery and pastry ingredients. CHOCORICA is among the leading Moroccan companies in the distribution of raw materials and pastry ingredients, for formulation and manufacture of cakes, cookies and snacks.

Main role in the project

CHOCO is mainly involved in the development of innovative, heathy, and sustainable plant-based snacks (WP2), participating in Task 2.1, Task 2.2, and Task 2.3. Moreover, CHOCO will play a role in Task 1.1, Task 4.1 and Task 4.2, also participating in Task 6.1, Task 6.3, Task 6.4, besides of participating in Task 7.1, Task 7.2, and Task 7.3.



Contact Person

 Mostapha Kheiri – CEO of CHOCORICA company

 Imane Kheiri- Personnel manager – Quality and Food safety

 Soufian Hmamouchi


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