The Confederation of Egyptian European Business Associations – CEEBA, was established to create one powerful national pan-European network to advocate on behalf of Egyptian Business for market access to the EU and to promote EU Egyptian Trade and Investment. Since its inception CEEBA has been a major player in all industrial sectors by organizing specific Conferences, Exhibitions, Symposia, Business Round Table, preparing white papers and organizing door-knock missions. Regularly CEEBA delegations from Egypt are participating in conferences, workshops and roundtables in the EU. CEEBA is also involved as a contractor in several EU business support projects.

Main role in the project

CEEBA is leading the exploitation and replication strategy activity under WP 6 which is developing output to create an enabling environment. This task seeks to boost the impacts of the project, paving the way for the broader post-project uptake of results. This includes exploitation planning, mapping all the possible potential exploitation routes in support of the transition to the post-project. In addition, it aims to effectively replicate and make SWITCHtoHEALTHY results adopted and operative in other ecosystems and countries beyond the project boundaries. Results from WP1- & WP5 will be capitalised as drivers to motivate the impact and relevance of the project ecosystem as model to increase adherence to the Mediterranean diet as a sustainable pattern including environmental, social and health aspects. For stakeholders’ empowerment to exploit the project results 5 workshops/training sessions (Spain, Turkey, Morocco, Tunisia and Egypt) addressed to primary sector/food industry/investors will be held for knowledge transfer.

Contact Person

 Marion Kussmann, COO CEEBA

 Dr. Alaa Ezz, Secretary General CEEBA


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