UNIPR – University of Parma

The University of Parma, in Italy, promotes knowledge creation, transfer and progress to meet the increasing demand of advanced education and research in our society. It enrols about 30,000 students and graduates more than 5,000 alumni per year, while staffing about 1,800 lecturers and administrative employees. The research units involved in the project, led by […]

UMP – University Mohammed Premier

University Mohammed Premier is a group of institutions in the Oriental region of Morocco, located mainly in Oujda. Created in 1978. The mission of the Oujda Faculty of Sciences, which is affiliated with the Mohamed Premier University, is to establish and promote high-level education, adequate professional training, and advanced scientific research in a variety of […]


SLOW FOOD Tebourba is a non-profit association to safeguard local food production, protect food species from extinction and maintain their nutritional traditions.


REGIONE CAMPANIA (RC) is the governing body of one of the biggest and most active regions in Italy for food production. The Directorate General for Agricultural, Food and Forestry Policies of RC is the managing authority of the EARDF Regional Programme “Psr Campania” and it implements actions for the protection/promotion of regional agricultural productions. The […]

KOC – Kocahan Confectionery

Kocahan Confectionery (KOC) is an artisan SME established in 2020. Into the machine park, besides the machines capable of producing all kinds of sweets, deserts, fruit puree, bars, and confectionery, chocolate coating, bar forming, and packaging machines have been added. In the factory, fruit, and nut snacks, consisting of fruits such as chestnuts and figs, […]

KBT – Izmir Il Kültür ve Turizm Müdürlügü

KTB carries out the works delegated by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the Republic of Turkey on behalf of the Ministry in İzmir Province. KTB carries out the following activities through its divisions: Enterprises Division: collection of statistical data related to accommodation and food and beverage facilities, Travel Agencies, Sea tourism businesses, and […]