Bursa Uludag University (BUU), established in 1975, is one of the largest government universities in Turkey re-garding infrastructure, number of students, and re-search and development activities. At BUU, there are 2700 academicians, 4000 office staff, and 64000 stu-dents. It includes 4 institutes, 15 faculties, 3 higher schools, and 15 vocational schools. Approximately 60% of the country’s food and dairy industry was established in Bursa’s region.

BUU is one of the 15 research univer-sities in the country and numerous cooperation agree-ments have been made to develop education and re-search activities within the scope of university-industry cooperation. It carries out education and research co-operation with more than 100 foreign universities. BUU’s research mission has been defined as food safety and quality.

Main role in the project

BUU will be responsible to conduct WP1, leading Task 1.2 and Task 1.3, and Subtask 1.3.1. BUU will participate in Task 1.1, Task 3.1, Task 3.2, and Task 3.5. In WP2, BUU will participate in the development of healthy innovative products cooperating with KOC in Task 2.1, Task 2.2, and Task 2.3. BUU will be also involved in Task 4.1, Task 4.2, Task 4.3, Task 5.1, Task 5.2, Task 5.3, and Task 5.4. In WP6, BUU will play a role in Task 6.1, Task 6.2, Task 6.3, and Task 6.4, besides being part of Task 7.1, Task 7.2, and Task 7.3.

Contact Person

 Dr. Metin Guldas (Associate Professor (Responsible from the project at BUU)

 Dr. Ozge Yesildemir (Assistant Professor)



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